How do you spell success? 

Our success isn't by dollars but how we can advance the causes.

The Anxious Paddler Foundation

"Our Pledge"

  • The Anxious Paddler Foundation is a not for profit foundation, we endeavour to show a human face to the struggles with anxiety. 
  • We will develop and expand this charitable foundation to promote awareness of anxiety and the hope for recovery.
  • The foundation, through fundraising and sponsorship, will support research into the development of interventions that prevent anxiety and/or support those living with it.

  1. The Anxious Paddler Foundation
  2. The Anxious Paddler Foundation
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  4. The Anxious Paddler Foundation
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  6. The Anxious Paddler Foundation

Research Funding Objectives 

The Workplace and Mental Illness.
At what cost?

Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy almost $15 billion per year.
The cost of workers' compensation claims for stress-related mental disorders is estimated at over $200 million dollars each year.
As part of its overall objectives, The Anxious Paddler Foundation will seek applications from the research community for research projects in the area of anxiety disorders.

This funding will support two projects, one small and one medium from $5,000 to $20,000.

The Anxious Paddler Foundation seeks to promote research into the prevention of and response to those experiencing anxiety disorders and their carers. We would be looking for applications in early intervention and response across the following initial priority areas:

  • Anxiety in the workplace: prevention, early intervention and recovery
  • Anxiety, prevention through physical activity and the environment

This seed funding will enable the support of novel research projects. Projects must be well defined and in alignment with at least one of the priority areas identified above.

Collaborations with external organisations are welcome and projects that can demonstrate the capacity for ongoing larger scale research through the attraction of future alternative funding and partnerships would be preferred.
Sport and Mental Illness.
The good the bad the ugly.

Diagnosis and care of an athlete’s mental health concerns must be considered within the context of sport and life.
The Anxious Paddler Foundation
When a carer falls.
Who's caring for the carers?

What resources are easily and readily available for carers and how is this promoted.